Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Miss flow candle

Ms Flow is a beauty subscription box service centered around periods. This might seem a little strange, but it sounds really appealing too! It says its on time, for your time, every time. From what I can gather from the site, you pop in when you have your period when you sign up, beginning, middle or end of the month and then they have it delivered ready for when you start. I heard about the brand at the Alzheimer's meet up I went to where the box was one of the prizes, and the brand had kindly given a candle each for the goody bags. I got this one, Grapefruit and Jasmine scented and I am really pleased with it.

The candle has a beautiful scent to it, I feel the jasmine is a little bit more prominent in the scent but it still smells lovely. I lit the candle when in the bath and the scent filled the whole room easily with minimal effort and when only been lit for a short time.

I left the candle to burn for a couple of hours from running the bath, being in the bath and then while getting dry and ready afterwards which was plenty of time to fill the room and have the scent linger once blown out. The scent was lovely and exactly what I hope for from a candle.

Although these can be bought separately they also come in the box every month from what research I have done, and I think the box would be a lovely monthly subscription service, especially for teens or someone who has recently started their period to make them feel more at ease and find a way to find the change exciting and fun with all the little extras that come.

The candles can be bought individually off of the site and retail at £4.00. I think they are a lovely idea and from what I can gather they come in the subscription box as well so that is a lovely addition to a relaxed pamper when your feeling you need a little extra TLC.


Monday, 26 September 2016

Schwarzkopf color mask 550 Golden brown

I like to have my hair ginger, I am naturally blonde but I love ginger hair, I would love to be naturally ginger. However, I do tend to go a bit too bright orange when I go ginger so I have refrained for a while as I work in a job where I am supposed to have a more natural color, and with my fast approaching wedding I wanted to look a little bit more like me and also the orange hair wouldn't suit the wedding the same way as a more neutral brown.

I was unsure what color to get, so when we were in Asda doing a weekly shop I asked my other half to help me pick. We chose the Schwarzkopf color mask and agree the color golden brown wasn't too dark, but had a nice shine to it making it a light to mid brown. In the box was the pot to mix the color in, the color tube and a conditioner sachet, along with instructions and gloves.

The color was really easy to mix, squeeze the tube into the tub then put the lid on and shake roughly 40 times in order to thoroughly mix the two together, When you open up the pot it then looks like a tub of conditioner or hair mask. There appears to be quite a good amount of hair color in the tub, however it does say if you have longer than shoulder length hair to use more than one box, but I thought Id risk it and I was fine.

I usually get my mum to dye my hair when I lived with her but now I like with just my fiance he refuses to dye my hair so I decided I would have a go myself and the color mask seemed the easiest way to do it alone. I found the application very easy, I parted the hair into sections and applied what  thought seemed a good amount and then after I had done all the sections I went back over them with the excess color that was left in the tub rubbing it into my hair just like a conditioner mask,

The color felt comfortable on my hair and wasn't a problem for the 30 minutes I left it on, I sat and read a book in the bath while I waited and then washed it off once the time had passed. It was easy to wash off and I did as it said and kept rinsing the hair until it ran clear, used the conditioner that came with the hair dye and then dried my hair as normal.

The color is lovely, it was strange to see myself with brown hair but I do love the color and think it looks really beautiful. It doesn't look too much different in the pictures but it has given it a lovely even color and made it less ginger and more brown which is nice. There is a chance I will need to dye my hair again before the wedding and I do really like this type of dye, so even if I go a slightly different shade I will definitely buy this style of dye when I go shopping again it was so easy to use.


Sunday, 25 September 2016

The girl with a clock for a heart

The girl with a clock for a heart is a book I picked up a few months ago when I picked up Girl on the train, a running theme but I like intriguing titles with 'the girl with the dragon tattoo' being a firm favourite in my book choices. The title was less specific about the plot of the book and the story line was vague from the blurb, but peaked my interest in a weird and curious way. I left the book a while before reading it as I had other books on my to read list first and knew it would be one I would want to come back to and read, so I left it until I had finished the others.

The book has a lovely front cover with mainly black and red colouring and silhouettes of people in a bar on the front to give some context to the story. The blurb on the back of the book was brief and mysterious with the reviews rating it highly and giving compliments to the storyline and the author.

The story had a slow start, it built up the story steadily in a way that didn't give the reader too much information in one go while still setting the scene and being intriguing. The story line is easy to follow along and keep up with as the story unfolds making it gripping to read.

The story is about a man, George,  who is contacted by his college sweetheart who he hasn't seen for many years, and she says he is the only person who can help her. We find out about his life and the way their relationship has its complications and how it came to be they haven't had contact for 20 years. The story follows chronologically from meeting the woman in the bar at the beginning, however every few chapters there is one written in italics and it is a flash back chapter to give a better insight into their history and how it came to be that they haven't had contact for so long.

I felt the story line was very good, it had a lot of plot twists and gripping moments making you want to read on, with the story unfolding in a way you couldn't imagine at the start. the twists make you change your opinions on characters and feel differently towards them as the plot thickens and grows towards the main twists at the end.

Although I did think the book was really good and had some fantastic twists to make me want to read on and learn more about each character, I did feel the ending let the book down a little. The ending leaves on a cliff hanger with one main question that I felt I needed to know the answer to. It is written in a way that makes you feel like you no the answer and as if it does tell you what you want to know, but I still felt some need to have it fully confirmed.

I did really enjoy the book and it is one I would recommend to other people to have a read of, so I think that is really good. If I was passing a book stand and saw another book by Peter Swanson I would definitely have a read of the back of the book to see if that sounded like a story line I would like too.


Saturday, 24 September 2016

Nottingham Intu Victoria AW16 fashion event

The lovely Ellie over at Elliecreation told me about the fashion event Intu Victoria centre were holding I was thrilled to be given a chance to go and see the new collection launching for AW16. Although not the most fashionable, I do love fashion, from browsing the 'New in' section of clothes stores, or scrolling through the hash tags for fashion week when the new styles are being showcased for the upcoming season. I won't be doing an OOTD to go along with this post for what I wore to the event as I went straight from work with no time to change and I don't feel my work trousers and a jumper were fashionable enough to make a post on! I definitely felt under-fashionable!

The evening began with the journey to Nottingham straight from work, so I met Ellie and we headed off together, we made sure to get to Nottingham in plenty of time to have food before we went to the event as we knew we would be hungry if not! We decided to head to The Stonebaked Pizza co. as we had seen it was due to open when we were in Nottingham for another meet up in August. The pizza was really nice and I would definitely back when I go to Nottingham again, the service was amazing and the food was served very quickly without really having a wait time.

We then headed to the event where we were greeted and checked to see if we were on the VIP blogger list, I thought this was very snazzy and made me feel very important! We were then offered a drink, with the choice of alcoholic or non alcoholic to cater to everyone's preference and if they were driving or not.

We were then asked if we wanted to make a flower crown, which was a fantastic idea and a lovely thing to do. I have never made a flower crown, and was a firm believer that they probably don't suit me, but I wanted to experience the workshop and see where my creativity took me. I picked out a beautiful plum flower as the key piece on the crown and worked around that with some help from the Amy over at Super + super HQ. The workshop was great and the idea that she does Hen parties, birthdays and more gives me some things to consider for my upcoming wedding, as this could be a nice idea for an addition to my hen.

There were a lot of mannequins around showcasing fashion from different high street brands and stores within the Victoria Centre, it was lovely to see the key pieces for the trends and how they had been styled for both men, women and children. This was great as it also gave me some inspiration for autumn winter fashion for my fiancé that I could pass along.

There were then some beauty counters and stations set up to talk to and view, with some samples being given out. There were Benefit doing brow make overs which I was able to have them done and loved the way they looked so I can implement those things into my routine at home using the products I have from benefit, as well as booking myself in to have a make over done at the counter.

We then had Lancôme, Clarins, Estee Lauder and Liz Earle offering make overs or product testing and samples which was a great way to network with brands, get a better insight into their products and also a good way to test and feel products in a comfortable environment.

The fashion show had three models showcasing outfits, there were two female models showing the latest fashion from an upcoming brand in John Lewis 'Modern rarity' and a male model showing some of the latest pieces from John Lewis men's collection. The clothes were so beautiful and there were definitely a few key items I am lusting over and wishing I could get from the collection which is currently out of budget with the upcoming wedding, but I will definitely be using as style inspiration for my wardrobe update.

After the fashion show the items were put on hangers for us to have a look at and see the quality and design close up. Everything felt so amazing, the quality is fantastic and the overall theme of the collection is simply desirable. From the detail of the hangers to the quality and attention to detail, the collection is definitely a show stopper and one that will be a huge hit for a range of styles with easy to integrate key pieces featuring throughout.

If you had a makeover at benefit for their brow station and went on to book and appointment for an in store make over you were entered into the prize draw they were doing on the night. I entered my name and hoped for the best, I don't have very good luck and so I barely win anything. First to be called was the lovely Ellie who I attended the event with and I was so thrilled for her to be picked as it looked an amazing goody bag and she really does deserve it for being so lovely. Next much to our surprise my name was called and I have to say I was so shocked and amazed, I feel so lucky and over the moon to have some beautiful benefit goodies to try out as some of them were ones I haven't tried and some are firm favorites.

 After the draw we began to get our things together and the brands began to pack up their stations ready for the close of the event. The organisers and hosts of the event then presented us with a lovely bag from Søstrene Grene with some lovely home wear bits inside. It is lovely to get some home wear style goodies as being fashion and beauty based it is often those types of things in goody bags so it can be really nice to mix it up and receive something a little different.

I had a fantastic time as the event and I want to say a huge thank you to Intu Victoria and the hosts of the event for letting me come along and experience the fashion show and see the upcoming collections. I am grateful for all the hard work and effort that goes into these events and the networking and opportunities bloggers get from them. I cannot wait to get into the stores and start shopping for key autumn/winter fashion pieces.


Friday, 23 September 2016

Virtue energy water; Berries

I'm not the biggest buyer of energy drinks, and to be honest I only really drink coffee for the taste and not for energy, not that I get a boost from it! However stumbling upon this energy drink in my goody bag last month I decided it appealed, being a natural more healthy alternative and just curiosity and having it made me want to try it.

These energy drinks come in 250ml cans which I think is a nice size and seems to last a nice length of time and quench your thirst well, although they aren't as big as a normal 330ml can. The can is very minimal looking and has the logo and branding with the flavor on the front easy to read and clear to see with minimal effort if you were picking it up in a hurry in a store.

The drink had the main taste of sparkling water but the taste of berries was quite prominent when you first take a drink and then the taste of sparkling water is left behind. The drink has a sweet element from the berries but doesn't have the overly sweet taste of some of the ones on the market that are full of sugar and sweeteners.

Although sparkling water isn't my preferred drink choice, this was still quite nice and the idea that it is a more natural energy drink means I would probably look more towards this brand if I was to be looking to buy and energy drink, however, I usually opt for water if I am out and about and looking for a drink.

These drink retail at £1.35 for a 250ml can and can be found at Ocado, Amazon, Holland and Barett and more store listed on the site here.