Monday, 23 January 2017

Nudestix lip and cheek pencil Mystic

Nudestix is a brand I have seen around the internet and have heard a lot about but is one I cannot shop in person, so this limits me either remembering to buy things from the brand or look up the stockists of the brand. I was so lucky to get this in my Look fantastic advent calendar as it spurred me on to try it and reminded me that I need to make more effort to try new brands. I love multi use products, although I do not often utilise the dual purpose they are perfect for traveling and I do like to try both of the functions just to know if I like both for when I travel. I was skeptical when I first saw the pencils I find the ones with the wooden surround on the pencil can often be quite dry pencils, so I wasn't sure how this one would work.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Girl online going solo Zoe Sugg

I am a sucker for a series, and when a new book comes out from one I have started I get so excited to carry on the story. I felt just the same way about the Girl Online series. Without posting spoilers in this section, click read more for mild spoilers, I will keep as much of the story a secret as possible in case you haven't read it yet. The story follows Penny, the main characters journey as she enters sixth form and as you can tell, she is 'going solo' this could be interpreted many ways from the book, but I think it is the way she is single, and finding her style of photography as she begins her journey into her A levels. 

My Very Exclusive haul

A busy weekend on the haul front, however, I was in two minds whether to post this as I am sending the items back as they do not fit me properly, but threes a story to that! I love Very and the sister site Very Exclusive, the websites are easy to use and the brands they stock are ones I love and know I will always be drawn to. This makes it an incredible easy place to shop and I love browsing the site as I know I will love a lot of the products, but I will also inevitably end up buying things I probably don't meed...  On this occasion, I was shopping for a dress for a potential wedding outfit and also decided to try a dress I loved that was also in the sale like the one I thought would be good for a wedding.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Lush Valentines haul

Lush is one of the place I also make a dash to when they launch a new seasonal range, they do such amazing collections I know I will love almost everything, and usually the stuff I don't love is just personal preference on scent or not using a particular product, like a massage bar. I knew I wouldn't get to a store before valentines day as I am so busy and have a lot planned over the next few weeks, so I made an online order instead. I also wanted to make sure I would get all the reviews up before valentines so I made sure to only get a few things that would get used up before to make sure I optimised the reviews for you all. Lets take a look at what caught my eye from the collection.

Ted Baker shopper bag

Ted Baker are a very popular brand, they do most types of accessories and clothing and one of the popular items I see is the shopper bags. I find if I am running to the shop or sometimes if I go into town for a full shopping trip, the looming despair of having to pay for a carrier bag when I have a thousand at home is something I hate. I always find I forget to get a carrier bag or reusable shopper and so I usually tend to only buy items that will fit into my bag, or shop in places I get paper bags that are free. Frugal, or stingy, I will take either! This is where my ted baker shopper partly comes in. 

Friday, 20 January 2017

Sleek Matte me lip cream Shabby chic

Matte lips are quite a big thing again with the release of a lot of lip kit brands and liquid lipsticks being all over the high street. I am quite fond of the liquid lipstick trend and love the long wearing element to them as well as the way some feel weightless, non sticky and comfortable. I am really keen to look at new brands and see what they have to offer, trying lots of new lip products as I search the drug store for what could be my perfect formula. The sleek matte me lip cream was part of the gift set I got for christmas and has earned its place in my make up bag for several reasons. 

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Inika loose mineral blush Blooming nude

Inika is a brand I hadn't heard of until I got my Look fantastic advent calendar. I love testing out new products and was really excited to see a new brand that I could try out. I was also excited for it to be a blush as I feel like blush is something I don't buy a lot of or forget to change up as I get suck in a rut and reach for the same few interchangeably for my everyday make up routine. The shade is called blooming nude which sounded a lovely colour, but is slightly too dark to use as a blush on my really pale skin so I got creative and found the perfect way to use it.