Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The #NottsAlzheimersMeetupn prizes

I was lucky enough to win two prizes at the raffle at the meet up and although I planned to incorporate the prize into the goody bag post there were so many amazing goodies that I just didnt want to scrimp on the details! Once I won the prizes I popped the flamingo bag next to my goody bag, this one contained the hair care products, and then the black tissue paper parcel inside the other bag is the other prize I won that is pajamas!

I was literally over the moon with both of my prizes and everything on offer was so thoughtful and so beautiful and I cannot believe the generosity of the brands who donated and what prizes there were they were so wonderful and I would have been happy to win any of them!

I'm going to go with the hair care first as its more beauty related, the prize contained a mini tangle angel key ring hair brush. First up I have the Tangle angel hair brush in precious pink, I also had one in GR8 graphite, but I kindly donated it to my mum as I know she loves to try out the things I have and I don't think I needed two the same and I know she appreciates the generosity! I also have the tangle cherub in Wow white, a lovely smaller brush excellent for travel on on the go. Speaking of on the go; the tangle angel baby is a beautiful small brush with a key ring attached and would be the perfect addition to your keys if you want a hair brush on the go but have very limited room and wouldn't fit a full sized brush in our bag. I also got a Richard Ward shampoo and conditioner sample, these are the Keratin volume range and they are 'bodifying and volumising for bounce and vitality' These sound so exciting and like they will be really good for my hair so I will be testing them out and reporting back on what I think to them. 

The second prize I won, well this is technically the first on I picked when my raffle ticket was called and it was a gamble for me, but I thought I had stepped out of my comfort zone going to the meetup so I would pick the prize that was something I wouldn't have perhaps chosen as a 'safe' prize and I am so over the moon that I did as I definitely got something that felt it was meant to be! I knew the brand was called 'Glitter and the moon' and they did nightwear/lingerie and so not only was it a gamble on the style I might get but also size as well. I have included the little business card photo of the lady wearing it to model the set as it gives you an idea of what it looks like on. The set is in the color Cherry red and the set is called the 'Snow globe cities'. I said at the meetup I am having a sleepover for my hen do so pajamas would be perfect and also honeymoon pajamas are on my to get list too, so that was the motive behind my risk. The jacket features cities such as London, Paris, NYC etc and are all places I either want to go to or have been to, and the french nickers have the Paris snow globe on the bum area, and this is the first place my fiance and I went on holiday together to. The red satin is lovely and the overall look of these is fantastic! I am so excited to wear them and review them for you as they are truly stunning! 

What product are you most excited to see a review on?


Monday, 22 August 2016

The #NottsAlzheimersMeetup goody bag overview!

The first thing I saw when I got the goody bag was the stunning canvas bag the goody bag was enclosed in, a stunning design that will definitely be a bag of choice when needing a reusable shopper to carry around when out shopping for new things to try. The stunning bag on the left is a beautiful butterfly canvas bag from the brand 'Talented' and I adore it! I cant wait to buy some things to use it as a carrier bag and show it off! The bag on the right was a goody bag paper bag that one of my prizes came in and is a flamingo print from Tiger. I will do the prizes in a separate post as the goody bag was so packed full that this post is getting out of hand!

The skin care products in the goody bag are so cool, and I am in the market for some new skin care, with my wedding fast approaching I want to nail down a routine that makes my skin look amazing and these will be well tested in hopes of adding a few more new things to the routine. Th first skin product I was excited to try is the Weleda skin food, I have seen so much about this and never got round to picking it up so I was glad to finally have had the push to try it, and we had a talk from a brand representative about the products and the benefits and now I cant wait to see what it does for my skin! The lady was also kind enough to give us a sample of the Weleda baby calendula shampoo and body wash, I think I will pass this on to a friend who recently had a baby to see her thoughts on this. There is then the witch daily primer and clearing serum, this says its evens skin tone and holds make up in place, so I am excited to test out the product as a possible primer to see how it holds up against some of my other primers. There are then three Merumaya samples, a mud marvels mask, the melting cleansing balm and the gentle exfoliating toner. Again all products I can test out and see if I want to add these into my everyday routine, and I always love a mask so I am excited to test this out!

Then for bath and body we have a scrub, this is by a brand called Koya, this a natural scrub that is fresh, handmade and toxic free. The scent is called beach babe, and I didn't know what to expect for the smell, but it is amazing! Coconut and tropical smelling and I am so excited to use it, I had to insist on my fiance smelling this when I smelt it as I was too excited about the smell! I then have a Body fantasies Japanese cherry blossom body spray, these are available in Superdrug and it has such a strong scent and is so good for a body spray, I always need one of these for my locker at work so I will have the perfect space for this. I then have the Esocare black soap, now I have no idea what this is, if it is a normal soap to use or if it has some cool properties aside from being organic but I'm going to do loads of research on this and give it a review when I use it!

The next category is beauty related, first up we have the collection eyes uncovered palette, I am so excited for this, I put off buying it as I have the naked palettes and so I didn't think I could justify another nude style palette and so I will be trying this out soon and maybe even comparing the colours to similar ones in the naked palettes too. We then have a Spectrum brush 'A04' this is the tapered finishing brush and this is so soft! The last beauty product is the fullips lip plumping products, I have to say I am so scared to use this, but I think it will be fun to try and see what they will be like as I know they have a lot of hype! I will definitely blog if I use them to show what they do!

The more misc products that aren't as beauty related is a candle, some wax melts and a drink to try. There is a candle from Ms Flow, a period subscription box and the candles can be bought separately on the site for £4 or they come in the subscription box from what I can see on the site. This candle is the Grapefruit and Jasmine and it smells so lovely I cannot wait to burn this and have the scent fill my house! I then have some really cute love heart shaped wax melts in 'Cheeky cherry' by 'Georgia lee candles' who can be found on Etsy, These smell so good and cherry is one of my favorite scents so I am so excited to have these in my burner as well and change up the scent of the candle with the scent of these melts. Lastly is a can of Virtue sparkling energy water in Berries. I go to the gym 4 times a week and so I love anything that gives you a bit of extra energy that is a little bit more healthier than like red bull which I don't drink. I also think this will be good for on the go and I will definitely report back what I think to it!

Which product are you most excited to see reviewed?


Sunday, 21 August 2016

The #NottsAlzheimersMeetup summary

First of all, I cannot write a post about this meet up without mentioning the lovely Ellie, @EllieLouuu / http://www.uniquelovestyle.com/ ! First of all, Ellie is so lovely and so kind, and has organised this meet up with a charity, Alzheimer's at the focus, with donations and proceeds going to the charity which is amazing, kind and thoughtful all in  itself. Without Ellie's hard work and dedication to make this meet up happen it would not have been as amazing as it was!

The venue, Edin's deli cafe, was so beautiful and fit the feel of the day well with the set up being perfect for the way it played out on the day with the guest speaker and being able to sit around the table together and chat to one another. Every single person I met on the day was so lovely and so kind, it was so refreshing knowing I was out of my comfort zone, feeling socially awkward and we could all chat like we all already knew each other about all the things we loved. When we arrived we were designated a spot at the table with a lovely goody bag waiting for us with our user name on a little tag.

We settled into the meet up with getting to know the other bloggers, having a bit of food and enjoying the progression of the day with a few sneak peaks into the goody bag! We then had a talk from a lady who works for Weleda, an informative and non pushy talk from a brand representative about the products, the ingredients and where they come from and how the products are made, as well as having information on what the benefits of the products are and how they can be used. I was really impressed with the brand and will definitely be checking out more of their products soon.

Ellie had then set up a raffle with the cost of tickets being donated to the Alzheimers charity, a lovely thing to do, and let me tell you, the prizes were AMAZING!! Photo pinched from Ellie's twitter but I'm sure she wont mind! The raffle was very very generous, the brands who had donated were so kind and the prizes were all amazing! The most obvious one is the Pandora bag which turned out to be a stunning charm, where as the other bags (although brand names were on the tag) were more of a blind bag guess at what you might be getting other than the brand name, but they were all so luxurious and beautiful you couldn't be disappointed.

I was lucky enough to get two prizes from the raffle one was a pajama set and one was a hair set so I will do a separate post on the over view of the goody bag and the overview of the prizes I won before I review them on my blog. I don't have the time to fully detail all the products right now as its 10:30pm on the night of the meet up and aside from wanting to get this up for Sunday morning, I should be in bed very shortly having a well needed sleep!

I am so pleased with everything about the day, I met some lovely people, the goodies I got were amazing and so thoughtful and I am so pleased for Ellie that it pretty much all went to plan as she worked so hard to make this happen and she is such a lovely person!


Friday, 19 August 2016

Collective empties

Along this blogging journey I began collecting empties and my spell of absence meant I had a bag of trash sitting in my room for far to long.. Good job it just empty beauty products and not actual trash like food waste!

The only beauty product I have that is fully used up is a Seventeen stay time concealer, I do really like this one, I have the foundation from the same range, and I did reach for it a lot and did like the way it covered dark circles and spots, as well as the way it looked on the skin. I would repurchase this when I need a new concealer as I have a few on the go already.
In this I have paired my only skin care item, a REN vita mineral active 7 eye gel, this was only a small sample so I can't tell for sure if I really did see a difference, however I did enjoy using it, the product felt nice on my skin and I would consider trying the full size to see if I see better or more long term results from the product.

Moving on to hair care, this is the biggest category in this empties, so I will break it down into washing and styling. In the washing category I have a huge Tresemme conditioner that had been sat on my shelf for what feels like a lifetime! It was ok, it wasn't life changing but it had a small amount to use up and so I just wanted rid of it so I had more space in my hair care.  I also have a frizz-ease shampoo that I used up, this is a sample size and while I don't get overly frizzy hair so it was hard to determine how good this was, but I did notice a change in my hair when I used it, but I don't think its one I need to use regularly.
I then have the Tresemme platinum strength deep conditioning treatment. I really liked this in combination with the rest of the line, but I did reach for this more than the normal conditioner in the line and I think that's why I used it use quicker, but I did really like it and I would buy it again when I am in the market for a conditioner. I also have an Avon advanced techniques 360 moisture conditioner, again I loved this line and was really pleased with the way it left my hair feeling and looking and so along with the rest of the line I would use again, however I find Avon a chore to get if you don't have a local representative local to you.
My final hair shampoo and conditioner are the Herbal essences naked shine shampoo and conditioner, these were really nice products and I enjoyed using them but I didn't think they were particularly special but I would get them again if I needed one and they were on offer and I didn't fancy any other shampoos that were on offer.

Moving on to hair care, I have two dry shampoos and a texture spray. The first is a Percy and Reed dry shampoo, I think I got this in some sort of beauty bundle or beauty box at some point and have used it on and off, however it is really good, I didn't want to get attached as it is more pricey than others and although it was really good I do think it was only as good as the others that I use as I don't use them on overly greasy hair, I then have a Herbal Essences naked dry shampoo, I chose this one as it was travel sized and at the time of purchasing I wanted one to take away with me to use on holiday. I really liked this dry shampoo, it did the job and left my hair looking nice so I would buy this one again. I also have a texture spray from VO5, I did like this but I found I didn't reach for it very often as I don't usually go for texture products, but I have used it up and it was really good, although I haven't used any others to compare it to so I can be sure what others are like, but I would pick this one up again if I wanted a texture product.

Moving on to body products, I have four body washes, a body scrub and a moisturiser. First up I have a scrub, this is the Sanctuary spa body scrub, I really liked this one and I would recommend it, I do in fact already have another one of these so I would definitely repurchase it as I already have! For body wash, I have a Lush hot toddy shower gel, this was a Christmas one and I stopped using it as much after the Christmas season and then it got forgotten about with a bit left in it so I finally used it up, I liked it but I don't know if it will be available again. I then have a Body Shop frosted cranberry shower gel, again a Christmas one, this wasn't my favorite scent but i really like the formula of these so I do buy the shower gels I just wasn't a big fan of this scent. There are then two Dove body washes, an original on in a sample size, this was lovely but just a standard body wash, and then a Dove go fresh, this was really nice too and I would look at this range again for body wash when I need more. Lastly I have a Dove moisturiser, this again was nice but I wouldn't say it was anything overly special but it did leave my skin feeling lovely.

My last category is a misc category and I only have two things in this category, on is a body spray and the other a deodorant. I use the Nivea stick deodorants a lot and are my go to one, I really like it and so I just buy whichever one from this range I fancy the look of on the day! I also have a Nspa vanilla body spray, I keep this in my locker at work so I can freshen up at break times and feel fresh all the time, it smells really good and they are only a couple of pounds from Asda so I can easily pick one up when i do my food shopping!

What have you used up recently?


Monday, 15 August 2016

So I'm getting married?

The blog has been a little quiet this year and I have a lot of explaining to do! Around September time I started a job I worked so hard to train for, but it took up so much of my time, as I had a lot of training to do and a lot that needed doing in my own time to be able to keep up with the new role I was entering, but I have absolutely loved my first year in my job and the work load has slowed down at home now.

Along side all of this, my fiance and I are planning our wedding. We have been together almost 7 years and engaged for nearly 5 years and we finally decided it was time we actually got married! Planning a wedding has took up a lot of time, effort and well it costs way to much money to get married!!

The combination of all of these things have meant I had barely any time for blogging and keeping up online, I haven't treated myself to many new things and so its been hard to have something I wanted to blog about, as well as not really having the time to do so.

We picked to have a December wedding as it falls on our anniversary then and that's what we always wanted to do for the wedding. Winter weddings are a little bit different with most people opting for a summer wedding and hoping for the nice hot weather, whereas we are panic buying umbrellas just in case! This has however meant I have managed to have some amazing and slightly different elements in my wedding that I would never have been able to have if I had a summer wedding and so I have now decided I want to share as many elements of the wedding as I think you will be interested in, as well as as many as I can up until the day with things like my dress being revealed after the wedding day.

I want to read more books and share my reviews on here as well as sharing more beauty and fashion purchases with you all to share the nice things I have and buy as I love trying new things and I want to get some new beauty products for my wedding day so I will be testing out lots of new products and so I will report back with all of that for you on here! I am so excited to share some of the wedding bits with you as I think we have a slightly different spin on the wedding to what I think even my friends and family will expect it to be like so I am so excited for the big reveal of all the things that have been kept a secret for the day!

What sort of things would you like to see me blog about for the wedding? Let me know in the comments I am so excited!